Testing as a Service

What is Testing as a Service(TaaS)?

Testing as a Service (TaaS) is an outsourcing model in which testing activities associated with an organization’s business activities are performed by a service provider rather than employees. TaaS may involve engaging consultants to help and advise employees or simply outsourcing an area of testing to a service provider. Usually, a company will still do some testing in-house. TaaS is most suitable for specialized testing efforts that don’t require a lot of in-depth knowledge of the design or the system.

Services that are well-suited for the TaaS model include:

  •  Automated Regression Testing
  •  Performance Testing
  •  Security Testing
  •  Major ERP (enterprise resource planning) Software
  •  Monitoring/Testing of Cloud-Based Applications

 TaaS is also sometimes known as on-demand testing.

FaSur’s TaaS Model

We will install the software at our data center, which provides full-time off-site resources. One (1) on-site project manager is needed for requirements gathering. FaSur is responsible for developing complete automated scripts, and executing test cases.

Minimum duration: six months.

Benefits of a TaaS Model

  •  No License Required
  •  The Tool Comes Free
  •  Constant Support of FaSur in Developing Scripts and Execution
  •  Cost Effective Solution


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