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Database management does not exist alone. It is one part of a larger network of IT management solutions on many platforms. Understanding this, FaSur Technologies has come up with extensive proprietary solutions that can automate database management with quick monitoring and a proactive approach. This Results in superior application efficiency and database control. FaSur has implemented numerous complex database management projects on various operating systems guaranteeing database security, functionality and availability.

R12 Upgrades, Implementations and Maintenance

Fully upgrading from Oracle EBS R11i to Oracle EBS R12 can be expensive and time-consuming.  If not carefully planned and executed, the result may cause disruptions of critical business applications and loss of key functionalities.

Reasons to Upgrade

With the exception of guaranteeing ongoing production support, organizations typically only consider upgrading Oracle applications if there is a compelling business reason. Some of the major benefits of upgrading include:

  1. Scalability: Obtaining a more robust and scalable architecture. Upgrading can provide advanced database capabilities, better integration, improved security, newer extensions and personalization for enterprise applications.

  2. Enhancing Efficiency: Upgrading can lay the foundation for a shared services model, enabling the easy design of multiple models and introduce newer, more flexible functionality.

  3. Streamlining Compliance: Obtaining compliance with industry regulations can be greatly simplified by upgrading to a newer version of the application. For example, new features in Oracle EBS R12 include alternate accounting representations, revenue management, and transaction sequencing.

  4. Improved Application Reporting: Newer versions of enterprise applications often have improved reporting capabilities. Oracle R12 Flexi Reporting enables IT teams to easily create user-friendly reports, with higher presentation quality.

Health Checks and Assessments

FaSur Technologies Oracle E-Business Suite health check provides an independent review of your organization’s use of Oracle E-Business Suite and the underlying technical architecture. This automated health check is designed to identify opportunities (many of which are quick wins) which enable, enhance, simplify or automate the way you work. Presented as a report, the independent assessment of the current status of the system forms the roadmap of action or development.

FaSur's Oracle health check covers the following five areas:

Process Review
Assess how well your systems meet your companies’ requirements and recognize opportunities to advance end-to-end business development.

Customization Review
Discover opportunities to retire customizations by executing new or unused functionality

Implementation Review
Find opportunities to simplify automate or substitute vital business systems and processes that are currently incorporated with Oracle E-Business Suite.

Reporting Review
How easy is it to access, analyze and distribute accurate timely and relevant information? We review business requirements and identify improvements and quick wins with current reporting systems or opportunities for enhancing report capability.

System Design, Performance and Security
Review the business' necessities for accomplishment, accessibility, scalability security and assess whether the system meets these requirements and adheres to industry best practices.

24/7 Monitoring and Production Support
Many organizations do not have a complete enterprise wide monitoring system in place for the network, servers, applications, firewalls, and databases. FaSur Technologies is an industry leader in designing and implementing enterprise wide monitoring systems.

Benefits of Enterprise Monitoring Services

  • Reduced Organizational Maintenance Cost
  • Reduced Cost with Onshore/Offshore Model
  • 24/7/365 Availabillity
  • Efficent Monitoring Systems Lead to Reduced Down Time
  • Reduced Manual Patching
  • Identify and Solve Issues before they Become Problem

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